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Cool Sites to Check Out

Cool Sites to Check Out

Staff Blogs 19 February 2018
So it’s been a while since we’ve posted any articles, and it’s purely because we are currently going through re-developmental changes from within our organization. These forthcoming changes are very…
How to Pick a Password

How to Pick a Password

Staff Blogs 18 October 2017
    Since the popularity of internet has surfaced uncontrollably, it was logical that the security for each user should be elevated as well.  The ability to become anonymous is…
Our 2017 Top 5 Smartphones

Our 2017 Top 5 Smartphones

08 October 2017
If you are not already tired with the number of advertisements from the Samsung and Apple’s latest flagship phones everywhere…
iPhone 8 Versus iPhone X

iPhone 8 Versus iPhone X

20 September 2017
  This year's release of the new iPhones in my opinion are a "backseater".  What I mean by that is…
Class Action Lawsuit - Equifax Data Breach

Class Action Lawsuit - Equifax Data Breach

11 September 2017
    If you've had a credit report, there's a good chance that you're one of 143 million American consumers…

Latest in Computing

Amazon Prime Day 2019: the ultimate day 2 deals list

We're now into day 2 of Amazon Prime Day, and we're rounding up the final deals for you, as they emerge.

The best Amazon Prime Day deals 2019: UK Edition

Prime Day deals include TVs, Kindles, laptops, Fire Sticks, Echo smart speakers and loads more super cheap offers

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 tipped for August in 3 models, but no ECG until 2020

Three different versions of the next Samsung Galaxy Watch Active are on the way – but we might have to wait for ECG to work.

MPs: No technical reason to ban Huawei from UK 5G

MPs say there is no evidence for ban, but there might be ethical and political reasons for exclusion

AMD Ryzen processors are now outselling Intel in Asia, report claims

More reasons for Intel to be worried about AMD’s new Ryzen 3000 line-up?